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Our business model is based on the concentration of portfolios through the union in a single key.

Benefits that are achieved and what competitive advantages are enjoyed:

  • Have a service center where the administrative management and claims management of the member brokerages are concentrated.
  • By enjoying a unique password, the expenses derived from the application of current legislation disappear, such as: Customer Ombudsman, RC Policy and surety, Guarantees on premiums, LOPD, Money Laundering, Ombudsman for the Insured, Membership, etc.
  • It is a true competitive advantage, since some insurers are not interested in opening a key if they do not provide a significant volume of business.
  • Being integrated into a larger Brokerage and leader in the sector, makes it possible to access practically the entire range of insurers existing in the market, which implies also accessing all the solutions for our clients and a higher billing, giving a comprehensive service of products to the entire portfolio of Insured.
  • The benefit of the agreements with the insurers translates directly into the economic conditions, all thanks to the volume obtained by the concentration process of the portfolios, also in service, in own products and means provided by the insurance companies to increase our sales.
  • Size has shown us in all this time that it offers many advantages, including the ability to face all these challenges, since it is well known that our regulator wants large mediation companies.

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